Luminous Hills Yamhill-Carlton District Estate Grown Oregon Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir LUX, Pinot Noir ASTRA, and Rosé of Pinot Noir AURA. Site, soil, and clone carefully matched vine selections resulting in three distinct expressions of Pinot Noir from a very special place.


Luminous Hills Vineyard, located in the southwest corner of the Yamhill-Carlton District is a unique high elevation site bearing the typical sedimentary soils of the AVA, as well as a significant area of Jory volcanic soil. These two diverse soil types, along with a variety of carefully selected clones of Pinot Noir, provide diverse components and complex elements to the wines of Luminous Hills.

During the development phase of planting, many scout holes were dug to determine the boundaries these soil types (as well as those, such as Panther Creek series, which we wanted to exclude from the vineyard), in order to match clones to the soils and to enable us to manage those areas separately in the vineyard and to be able to vinify them separately in the winery.

Careful assessment of clones and rootstocks were conducted to make the best match for the soils, aspect and elevation at the site. A foundation of Pommard was selected along with large blocks of the Dijon clones 777, 667, and 115. The site uses primarily 101-14 rootstock, with the higher elevation portion of Pommard on Riparia in order to promote earlier ripening for this late ripening clone.

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While water rights were obtained and water is available for the vineyard, our intention is to dry farm the property. Our philosophy is to promote deep root growth to maximize the characteristics of the site in the resulting wine. Irrigation is available as a safety net for difficult vintages where it can be used discriminatingly to protect the vines and maximize fruit quality (e.g., to prevent raisining when physiological ripening has not completed during the end of a dry, hot season).

Farmed sustainably, Luminous Hills Vineyard is part of the LIVE program. In 2008, Luminous Hills Vineyard receiving the full LIVE endorsement, including Salmon Safe designation. We're dedicated to the highest level of care and stewardship of this special property in Oregon's prized wine growing region.

Yields at Luminous HIlls Vineyard are managed to a minimum to ensure the highest quality fruit. Each block with its unique soil-type and microclimate are tended to individually to optimize the unique character derived from the varieties and clones that are carefully matched to each area.